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UHD video production. Ninja blade screen showing on screen display features

UHD video production

To enable UHD video production and even higher resolution filming and editing I’m always adding some new kit to my gear list to stay up to date. Higher resolution video production can improve visual quality and enable more creative freedom in post-production. Ultra-High Resolution or…

Creative feedback showing Julian filming the highly coloured reflections from a mirror ball in the shade

How to give creative feedback

Creative feedback can helpful if balanced and constructive. I’ve written a short guide on some key points to consider when offering creative feedback. A perspective on recent developments in video production There have been many changes to the digital creative industries and in particular video production in recent years….

Quality video production. Photo of GH3 camera with Varavon loupe, variable ND filter and Sennheiser on-camera microphone during filming in Ibiza. Pictured next to a green G-clamp.

Quality video production

With the knowledge gained from my many filming gigs I recently wrote a guide to writing a pre-production brief. Following on from that this post looks at how to improve the quality of your video production. Aspects to consider for high-quality video production Recent technology…

Freelance video producer Julian Langham outside Basel airport

Freelance video producer

Working as a freelance video producer I film across the UK and Europe working on my own. In this article, I explain how I managed all my kit when filming at Baselworld which is the world’s leading Swiss watch and jewellery show based in Basel….

Writing a production brief. Two different DVD covers of films from Koestler exhibitions

Writing a production brief

Writing a production brief is an essential way to communicate the creative vision and any set requirements to other people who will be working on the film or video project. Preparing for video production As a filmmaker, I’m always getting asked for tips and ideas…