Full fibre optic broadband connected video editing suite

A screen grab showing my broadband data speed
My full fibre broadband speed test in progress

Video edit suite with full fibre broadband

The performance of my Central London video production has recently been further enhanced by the installation of an ultra-fast full fibre connected video editing suite.

Fast transfer of data and video media

Earlier this year, I decided to invest in a vastly improved technology to obtain a better broadband connection speed at all times. The installation of this ultra-fast connection means that I am now able to upload and download digital data, including digital video and media files, at a greatly improved ultra-fast data rate. This, in turn, enables me to offer a greater range of faster turnaround and remote services for a wider range of clients wherever they may be located.

Actual full fibre connected video editing data rates

Current actual tested speeds reached are now close to 900Mb/s on an advertised 1000Mb/s connection. Hyperoptic is the name of the company that installed my newly improved network connection. They provide a symmetrical-based system enabling my upload speeds to be the same as my download speeds, (not the usual situation) which is proving very useful to me. My Mac Pro is now hard-wired to their Hyperoptic hub and router for best speeds available at any given time.

Reliable full fibre data transfer service

I’ve now been using my new full fibre broadband system for many months and have been delighted to find that it’s been completely reliable. My network provider Hyperoptic also offer 24/7 customer support which is absolutely essential with so many projects being carried out during non-standard working hours. There is no data cap on file transfers as I have a contract for unlimited usage.

Video production

As an experienced video editor and producer with over 15 years’ experience, both as a BBC employee and currently as a freelancer, I’m extremely well-practised at producing, filming and editing short promotional video content through to short documentary films even at short notice. My website portfolio provides many examples of my recent video productions.

Professional video editing storage

My edit suite is also equipped with 2 x 12TB 6 drive Promise Pegasus RAID 5 media arrays, which provide lightning-fast connection speeds via Thunderbolt 2. All my project media is also always backed-up on separate hard drives which offer additional protection to the RAID 5sIf you would like any help or support with your video editing, media management or media transfers please do get in touch.

Julian Langham

Julian started his career in media in 1994; shortly after Julian was invited to join the BBC where he was quickly promoted to Editor. Julian left the BBC to develop his freelance career in 2009. Highly-practised and skilled in constructing engaging narratives, Julian’s key strength is his ability to produce strong visually-led stories. In his work, Julian shares his passion for creating powerful synergies between story content, visual rhythm and music.