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Introduction videos by London videographer

This LinkedIn video production was self-shot and edited by me to introduce my skills and services to prospective clients. As a filmmaker, video producer and editor based in London, I am now introducing a new service to provide clients with their own personal videos for use on professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn.

LinkedIn video production

As LinkedIn is the world’s number one recruitment site, the addition of your own personal introductory video to your profile can help you to connect with new contacts. A video uploaded to your professional page will bring your LinkedIn profile to life whilst conveying your personality and expertise. A professional profile video can help you find, different opportunities, new connections and fresh challenges.

Video can be used in many different ways across all types of social networking sites. You could embed a private link to your own password-protected video in a personal e-mail. Video can even be used in an e-mail campaign to introduce yourself to new and existing clients.

How to create an introduction video

The first part of the process is to decide what you want the video to communicate and how you would like it to look. You may wish to provide a script or an outline of the topics that you wish to communicate to the camera. As well as an interview, you could include other elements in your video e.g. graphics, still images, documents, testimonials, creative works and additional filmed video.

Before the filming starts there needs to be a firm idea of what elements you wish to be included in the final promotional video. If required, I can assist you in producing a unique style and look for your video. Adding music as a sound bed can help to give energy to the video and royalty-free production music tracks can be purchased quite reasonably.

Filming an introduction video

For the actual shoot, it is a good idea to have some different clothing options available. I can help advise you, if need be, on what might work best for the style and image that you would like to promote. Filming can take place at your home, office, a hired studio or at an agreed location. Using a professional quality video camera, microphone and lights I will record a series of takes to capture your best performance with broadcast standard sound. Recording the perfect take may take a few attempts so it’s good to allow plenty of time for filming. It is possible to review the takes as the filming progresses to ensure you are happy with the filmed content and this also gives you an opportunity to see if you would like to try and improve your performance.

Editing and delivery

Once the filming has taken place I will edit together the interview and/or agreed on elements into your personal LinkedIn video production. After sending you a password-protected link to view I can then edit and changes you require. Once you have signed off the final version you can then share your video in a way that works for you.

Introduce yourself to your future. Promote yourself with a video. Let your professional skills and personality shine. If I can help you with any questions or advice please do get in touch.