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Camera: Lumix GH2 / Canon XF305

Featuring Dane Jeremy Hurst dancer and choreographer

Dane Jeremy Hurst Dancer and Choreographer partially framed

This film showcases a dance by Dane Jeremy Hurst Dancer and Choreographer. The filming of Dane dancing took place in an artist’s studio in London during the summer of 2012. In the studio, a white set was created using rolls of white paper. We lit the set with tungsten lights – two overhead 1K lights secured to the building’s structure and three floor-standing 800W lights.

Dane Jeremy Hurst Dancer and Choreographer foot clasp

We made a two-camera shoot – I was filming with a Sony Z5 camera on a tripod and Richard Gillespie was filming with a Linux GH2 camera attached to a jib arm. One of the challenges of this shoot was to camouflage a 90-degree corner of the studio to appear to be white, without any visual corners or shadows being visible.

Dane wore a costume which was created and designed by Georg Meyer-Wiel. After filming the dance movements were edited to match the music track which was composed by Fabio D’Andrea.

Dane Jeremy Hurst Dancer and Choreographer in motion

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