Performance art video production

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Georg Meyer-Wiel creates his artworks

This example of performance art video production is titled Drawing Movement. It features the work of artist Georg Meyer-Wiel and was filmed in Georg’s London studio where he creates his amazing artworks.

Building the studio set

To create the white look in Georg’s studio I hired a number of lights and secured them to the studio roof structure. I also purchase a large roll of wide white paper. One corner of the studio was then covered with white paper on both the walls and ceiling. The corner of the studio proved to be a little tricky to get right and some extra paper needed to be laid and secured in a curved position place to give a rounded corner look that could be lit. Once the paper had been placed into position the lights were adjusted to fully illuminate the white paper. With the correct lighting, the paper gave the infinity white studio look on camera that we were looking for.

Filming artworks being created

This was a two-camera shoot. I was filming mainly on a tripod and Richard Gillespie was filming with a camera mounted on a jib arm. During that day, Georg created six artworks using his unique ink pen spray technique. To help with his inspiration during the recording, Georg commissioned choreographer Dane Jeremy Hurst to dance for him.

Video editing

With the variety of footage filmed during that day, I edited together this film which has a strong narrative of creative artwork. The main challenge here was the different looks that both cameras sensors delivered.  Using my Avid Symphony colour grading tools I did my best to bring blend then aesthetic and grade the final edited film.

Performance art video production

As a highly visual person, I very much enjoy working with artists and creative people to develop concepts and projects.

For more information on the concepts of the artist work please visit Georg Meyer-Wiel’s website. This film has been used by Georg to promote his illustrated book.

If you would like any help with your video production please get in touch. For more perspective on my skills, please see my credits.