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Subtitle editing. White text in five languages with a wide football stadium shot behind.

Subtitle editing

Subtitle editing is one of the many post-production services that I offer. I recently filmed a series of interviews with well-known footballers. Five different subtitled language translations of each interview were required by my client. This would enable them to target their European audiences online.  To…

Editing subtitles illustrating the process of editing subtiles by showing a mid shot of an interviewee looking towards camera with a blurred background , text block with white subtitles

Editing subtitles

Subtitles are used in a wide range of people and are particularly useful when viewing on a variety of devices, particularly when ‘on the move’ or in noisy locations. There is now an increasing trend to add subtitles to the production of a video or…

Fast video editing workflow. Full fibre connected video editing suite showing speed test dials in progress

Full fibre optic broadband connected video editing suite

The performance of my Central London video production has recently been further enhanced by the installation of an ultra-fast full fibre connected video editing suite. Fast transfer of data and video media Earlier this year, I decided to invest in a vastly improved technology to…

Filming interviews indoors. A image showing Historian Dr Jennian Geddes as she was being filmed

10 points to consider when filming interviews indoors

Filming interviews indoors When filming interviews indoors a filmmaker needs to consider all the following points when being asked to produce a new video to optimize the outcome for prospective clients. Punctuality: Good timekeeping is essential when carrying out a pre-arranged filming schedule. It is…

DBS checked cameraman Julian Langham showing my DBS certificate

DBS checked cameraman and videographer

DBS checked cameraman ensuring safe working practices. As a video producer, director, cameraman and videographer, I am often commissioned to create video projects which may include working with or filming groups of vulnerable people. Previously these have included working and filming with young people, people…

Editing a promotional video. A photograph of an Avid Media Composer non-linear editing system timeline showing edited clips across many different audio and vision layers

Editing a promotional compilation video

Recently, I received a request by email to tender a quote for editing a promotional video. This initial enquiry provided a brief outline of the client’s requirements together with what production details should be itemised in the quote and with the deadline date for quote…

Remote video editing. Close up of coloured Avid Media Composer keyboard with white text overlay

Remote video editing

Remote video editing is a service I offer from my Avid equipped base in Vauxhall, Central London. I am frequently receiving requests by email to estimate a quote for promotional videos, short films and different kinds of video editing work.  Usually, this initial enquiry provides…

Protecting media assets for video production workflow showing graphic diagram

Protecting media assets for editing

Protecting media assets for video production and post-production is key to ensuring a safe and hassle-free workflow. As a BBC trained video editor and with over 15 years’ experience of editing, I have gained a detailed knowledge of best practices around workflows and media storage…

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