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Promotional video editing

This example of agency video editing was commissioned by London based creative team FK3. Working as an agency video editor, I edit a wide range of promotional short-form films and videos for business, creative teams and independent producers. The team at FK3 were working on a series of promotional videos for SanDisk Memory Technology and needed some help to deliver the brief.

Starting the edit

I was supplied with a written brief by FK3 and downloaded the supplied master footage from online links. A mixture of still images and video footage had been filmed by the SanDisk Extreme Team. I edited together this short film as best as I could with the supplied footage. In the video footage, the SanDisk Extreme Team Members shared their experiences of making short films using only mobile devices powered by SanDisk Memory Technology.

Editing with effects

This was quite a detailed edit as many separate still images needed aligning on the same frame. Some of the original footage also needed to be graded as it was filmed under mixed lighting conditions.

Editing feedback

Uploading low-resolution versions of each edited version enable clients worldwide to view an edit in progress and feedback changes or comments. Working with the feedback from FK3 and their feedback from SanDisk I made all the required edit changes. Once sign-off had been achieved a final version of the film was encoded as a ProRes 422 master file and delivered via an online link. I also encoded a .mp4 version of the film and uploaded it to YouTube.

Agency video editing

This film is an example of how modern post-production technology and Internet-based work-flows have removed the need for dedicated post-production houses and facilities for many projects. If you would like any help with your agency video editing please get in touch.