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Classical music promotion showing a cut out photo of Kashperova with St Petersburg conservatory and title text
Classical music promotion Kashperova_Ep1

Music publisher Boosey & Hawkes commissioned me to film and edit a series of five short video documentaries celebrating the recently rediscovered Romantic composer Leokadiya Kashperova in her 150th anniversary year.

Each film featured an interview with musicologist Graham Griffiths who spent many years searching for Kashperova’s compositions in Russia. Each film also features one of Kashperova’s musical compositions.

Here is a link to view each of the five documentaries on the Boosey & Hawkes YouTube channel.

In Search of Kashperova: Symphonic memories

In Search of Kashperova: Rubinstein’s Pupil

In Search of Kashperova: Cello Sonatas

In Search of Kashperova: Stravinsky’s teacher

In Search of Kashperova: Russian voices (TBC)