Charity film production

Charity film production case study

A bespoke charity film production can help communicate complex projects, gain new exposure and extra funding. Working as a freelance charity filmmaker I have produced, filmed and edited a range of charity films and videos. In this case study, I briefly outline a commission from the Koestler Trust charity.

Film Commission

The Koestler Trust was looking to document their 50th anniversary Art by Offenders 2012 exhibition. Award-winning artist Sarah Lucas curated this 50th-anniversary exhibition entitled ‘FREE’. The film which I produced, filmed and edited documents, Sarah Lucas, installing the FREE exhibition into Festival Hall.


This film shows the six-day story behind her installation at Festival Hall through to the exhibition opening day. Sarah had spent several weeks earlier in the summer selecting the artworks for the exhibition from the thousands of entries to the annual Koestler Awards. Sarah also designed the exhibition installation. She used her trademark grey breeze blocks and white ceramic toilets throughout the Spirit Level and on the mezzanine and ground floors of Festival Hall. The toilets were used as flower pots and with wire supported some of the visual artworks.


After filming the exhibition installation and the opening day celebrations I started the edit. Each year the Koestler Trust receives hundreds of musical entries to their annual awards. I listened to most of them and selected the best of the tracks for use in this film. Listening to the best of the recorded sync sound I start to build a long edit and over time edit it down to time. Once I have edited the story of the film I start to select and edit in the best of the music tracks. Some of the tracks have a strong vocal which I use to add depth to the storyline, other tracks are instrumental which I used for the opening sequence and as a music bed under the sync sound.

Charity film production

Other examples of my charity video production include films for Joy of Sound and the Carnival Sector which was funded by the Arts Council.

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Festival Hall window display blobs
Sarah’s other well know trademark and a display of the exhibition artwork