Equal opportunities training video

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Equal opportunities training video

The London Probation Trust commissioned me to produce an equal opportunities training video to help encourage their service user’s to fill in their equal opportunities form.

Case study

The London Probation Service needed to improve their equal opportunities monitoring process. It was decided that a short video, playing in their reception areas, would encourage people, using the Probation Service, to fill in their equal opportunities monitoring form.

Contributors from User Voice

The idea behind this film was to interview ex-offenders who could help to explain to other users the importance of completing the equal opportunities form. Working as the producer, I liaised with both the Justice Channel and the charity User Voice, which works with ex-offenders. User Voice helped to organise the contributors for a day of filming.

Filming day

The day started with a one-hour training workshop to ensure that all the contributors felt comfortable and aware of the issues involved before filming commenced. After the workshop, I filmed the interviews and some additional shots at the User Voice office and around their location in Vauxhall in Central London.

Editing the training video

After filming all the media was then copied onto my computer. I then transcoded all the footage into my Avid Media Composer and then started to assemble the first edit. After the first edit, I then continued to edit the sequence down in duration until I had edited together all the best pieces of sync sound from the different contributors. Over time I constructed a narrative in the edit from the best of the day’s footage. I then used a selection of additional shots to cover the edits and improve the visual aesthetic.

Making a video accessible with subtitles

The final signed-off film had subtitles edited on so that the film can be understood even if the sound is turned down in the Probation reception areas. This also helps those with hearing difficulties.

Training video delivery

The final deliverables were encoded to the Justice Channel technical standards as they were streaming the video on their channel.  If you would like any help with your equal opportunities training video production, please get in touch.