Exhibition video production

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Exhibition video production case study

Output magazine commissioned me to film and edit this exhibition video production. Working as an exhibition videographer I have many years of experience of filming at exhibitions and editing deliverables to any required brief.

Commission brief

Working with Output magazine editor James Matthews-Paul, I was to film a series of pre-arranged interviews. I was also to film additional shots of the whole event. James wanted me to then edit a review of FESPA 2013 that would feature his scripted voiceover. FESPA stand for The Federation of European Screen Printers and Associations organises the world’s leading screen printing and digital imaging exhibitions.


I spent four days filming a variety of content at London’s Excel for Output magazine. The exhibition area was spread over many halls. To ensure I filmed in an efficient manner, I scheduled my filming appointments at the start of each day.  As I moved around each hall, I filmed a large amount of additional footage for the edit. In addition to the main review film, I had also been commissioned to film a selection of printing equipment product shots for Belgium based Mutoh. These shots were to used as part of Mutoh’s promotional films.

Video editing

After each days filming, I returned to my base and transferred the filmed media onto my RAID 5 drives. After all, the filming and been completed I then started to search for the best shots to use in the film. Once I had edited a good working copy, James joined me in the edit suite to write his voiceover script for the film. Once the good takes of the voiceover were edited in the visuals were finely adjusted to match the script. As well as this editing FESPA 2013 overview I edited nine additional films for exhibitors including EFI, Caldera, Kilan, MTex and Mutoh.

Exhibition video production

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