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Exhibition tour video

I was commissioned as an exhibition videographer by the Koestler Trust to deliver this exhibition film. My client wanted the film to takes a longer look at the Art by Offenders 2012 installation. They wanted to show how every artwork, selected by Sarah Lucas, was displayed. The film was to be presented by three of the over 50-year-old ex-offenders who lead the general public on tours of the exhibition whilst it was on display at London’s Festival Hall.

Art by Offenders Exhibition videographer

I spent a day filming this exhibition tour film towards the end of the exhibition run. The three tour hosts talked about their favourite artworks and also the artworks that had frequently featured in their exhibition tours and talks with the general public.

Editing the footage

After filming I edited the best takes and performances from the tour hosts, in order from the start of the exhibition to the end of the exhibition. I then worked on tightening up that edit so that it was to the required duration of around 20 minutes. Once the sync was working I then edited in the music so that the sound bed was complete.

Editing with music

I was looking for some instrumental tracks as the sound bed and found some beautiful piano, classical and contemporary tracks from the musical entries to the annual Koestler Trust Awards. During moments throughout the film, I edited a break from the sync sound so that just the music could be heard. These musical ‘up-sound’ moments helped me to edit and progress the visual journey around the exhibition.

Including every artwork

The next stage of the edit was to add the image or ‘cutaways’ of the artworks. I used a combination of filmed artworks and still images taken by the Koestler Trust photographer Brian Benson.

Film delivery

The final film was burnt onto a DVD and sent to all the secure institutions and hospitals across the UK so that all the contributing artists in the exhibition could see how their work was exhibited. I really enjoyed working as an exhibition videographer on this project.

If you would like to hire my skills as an exhibition videographer please get in touch.