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Video production case study

This learning event video production was produced for NEF (New Economic Foundation). Working as a self-shooting video producer I produce, film and edit a wide range of short films and videos. In this case study, I explain some of the detail about how this learning event video production video was created.

Commission overview

NEF (New Economics Foundation) recently asked to make a series short films from the learning event ‘hack days’ it had organised. For each hack day, NEF brought together people from a range of charities, local authority organisations and NGO’s to discuss the different ways in which they were responding to austerity.

The three different hack days were organised in Birmingham, London and Manchester and each day had a different theme. The themes were:

Birmingham: People as assets – What happens when people take local services into their own hands?

London: Using evidence to influence – The impact of austerity: how much do we know and what can we do about it?

Manchester: Can local councils transform the economy?

Filming day programme

Each day started with an introduction from NEF researcher in social policy Sarah Lyall. After Sarah, there were several presentations from the invited attendees. These were followed by group discussions expanding on the day’s chosen theme. From each of the hack days, many examples highlighted how agencies, communities and organisations were dealing with austerity in unique and different ways.

Over the course of each day, I filmed the presentations and group discussions. As each day started I tried to be sensitive to the fact that I was filming a live discussion. I took a silent observational approach to filming so as not to disturb the day’s helpful and constructive discussion. During the lunch break, I also filmed a series of interviews with everyone attending each hack day.

Video editing

Following on from each of the events I then edited together a short video. Each video distilled some of the main points from each event. The first edit was sent to the NEF team for feedback and any changes made to the final file delivery. My brief was to deliver a film up to 2 minutes in duration for each hack day.

Learning event video production

NEF uploaded each video to YouTube and embedded a link to each video into a separate blog post for each hack day event. The videos were also shared on the NEF Facebook page. If you would like any help with your video production please get in touch.