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Working as a freelance online video editor based in Central London I work with my clients to edit a range of digital media into engaging films and videos. In this portfolio case study, I explain the editing process for an artist’s website video.

Website promotional video

German artist Georg Meyer-Wiel had recently completed the painting of a vast artwork in his London studio. During its creation, Georg had taken the opportunity to document the process. This included Georg taking high-quality photographs showing the many different stages of the artwork developing. Georg had also filmed part of the final painting process with HD video using a static locked off Canon DSLR. After talking through the project together, Georg commissioned me to edit the footage together. His vision was to create a film that documents the creation of his artwork that could be embedded on his website homepage.

Editing with photographs and video

Georg sent me his collection of photographs and video files that he had filmed.  These were all copied onto my RAID 5 drives and backed up for workflow safety. I then edited the photographs and locked off video to build a strong narrative showing how this artwork evolved. I worked closely with Georg so that I could realise his vision for the edited film.

Music composed

Once we were both happy with a good edit, the film was sent to Richard Preston who composed a music score, especially for the film. The film was then re-edited to the music score with sync sound effects added. The edit was then re-sent to Richard and the score remixed before I made some tweaks to the final edit.

About the artist

The final film is titled ” The Betrayal – The Fall of Saint George”. For more information on the concept behind these artworks, please visit Georg’s website.

Online video editor

Based in Central London, I have over 15-years video editing experience across a wide range of genres. I am always happy to offer my free creative and technical advice. If you would like any help with your video editing, please get in touch.