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Original music composed for films and videos

Original music composed especially for films and videos is one of the additional services available for my clients. This service is available when commissioning any type of film or video production. As well as being unique to your project, having music especially composed to enhance your new film or video. Original music can also help to ensure that your music will have the right beats per minute (BPM), sentiment and emotion.

Copyright free music

Usually, a search for a suitable music track is often limited by copyright issues. Having your own especially composed music track enables you to use it whenever you wish. This could also help to create a specific sound for your brand, business or project. Your music could be used across a variety of platforms and may help you to reduce your music licensing costs.

Original music composed to match edited pictures

Especially composed music can be created to your preferred style or to sound. It could sound similar to any existing track that you might prefer but which might be very expensive to licence. It’s also possible to have the music especially composed to match the final edited sequence of pictures. This would ensure that your music could ebb and flow with any action, movement or required intent of the final video or film. Much like having a film score composed, original music for your video can help deliver your creative vision.

Working together with my sister, a highly talented and established musician, we have delivered many video projects that have used especially composed music tracks. Previous projects using especially composed original music include:

Original music composed for the Arts Council-funded Carnival Arts Advocacy Project

Video – Support your UK carnivals

When this track was composed some of the audio from the video recording was included in the music mix. This included mixing in the sounds of the steel drums and the sound of the procession passing at the end of the track. Mixing in audio recorded during filming gave the track a more realistic feel. The concept behind this track was to reflect the excitement and happy spirit of the carnival procession.

Original music composed for a swimwear promotional video

Video -Boombastic Ibiza Swimwear

The owner of this brand, based in Ibiza, was looking for original music composition that would capture a classic Spanish sound. This track was composed to sound very flamenco, typically Spanish with a dance vibe to give it some energy. In this instance, the visual images were edited to the final mix of the music track.

Original music composed for performing artists video

Video – Primitive

For this track, some of the original sounds from the filming were incorporated into the music. Mixing in these recorded sounds helped convey the atmosphere of the performance in the final music piece. These incorporated sounds included the rustling of the fabric and the sound of feet pounding on the floor. This music reflects an interpretation of this performed dance piece.

Original music composed for visual art

Video -Butterflies Drinking Nectar

This is an example of where a rough vision edit was submitted to initially help develop a music style. The images were then edited to the first mix. Once the final video edit was completed the music was then recomposed to match the pictures. Here sounds based on the subject in the video were finely tuned to match the timing of each movement. Sounds were also created that reflected the fragility of the butterfly and the imagined sound of their wings. This beautiful music composition compliments the stillness and rhythm of each shot in sound.

If you have any questions about having music composed for your film or video project, please do get in touch.