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BBC trained filmmaker

This training video production is a case study example that I created for the BBC. Working as a freelance filmmaker I produce, film and edit bespoke training films and videos to help businesses and organisations communicate and train.

Training video case study

The BBC Careerlink team commissioned this training video production which I co-produced, filmed and edited. Called ‘Reinvent Yourself’ this film was produced to assist with their in-house re-settlement programme. The BBC Careerlink team wanted to share the stories of ex-staff who had re-invented themselves after leaving the corporation. The aim was to inspire others on the programme to consider changing their career as they were leaving the BBC.

Film production

The BBC Careerlink team shortlisted a selection of people that they thought would be suitable to feature in this film. Working with CareerLink and the potential contributors I organised a filming schedule. Working to a very tight deadline, I filmed and interviewed the selected contributors. Each offered a range of perspectives and helpful advice about their own experiences. All four contributors featured in the film were helped on their journey by various CareerLink resettlement courses.

Editing the film

With all the four contributors filmed, I set about editing down each of the interviews. I selected the best of each interview sync and built the film into four individual short stories. For the opening title sequence, I built up a series of video layers using animated keys moving freeze-frame video images. I like the way the same person is looking at themselves – as though one part of them is or has changed. For me, it illustrates the BBC Careerlink ‘reinvent yourself ‘training.

Training video production delivery

The BBC Careerlink team was signed off ‘Reinvent Yourself’ after the first viewing. This, for me, demonstrates my ability to meet a brief in an efficient and timely way. Reinvent Yourself was delivered as a digital file and uploaded to Vimeo. If you would like any help with your training film or video production, please get in touch.