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Video editor CV. Photograph of part of my CV text

Freelance video editor CV

Video editor CV Here is an online version of my video editor CV. As a freelancer, I am always editing new films and video projects. Please check out my list of video production and post-production credits. Do get in touch if you would like any…

Estimate a quote for video editing. Photograph of editing timeline showing different video and audio layers with effects

How to estimate a quote for video editing

10 things to think about when quoting for video editing and post-production Many factors can affect how long the post-production process can take for any particular programme, film, trailer or video. As a BBC trained freelance video editor, I am usually asked to respond quickly…

Protect your video media. Screen grab of the Carbon Clone application whilst in progress

How to protect your video media and project assets

An editors introduction to safeguarding every editing project you are working on from hard drive failure When I’m booked as a freelance video editor, I frequently arrive at the client site to find a hard drive that has all the required camera media files copied onto it….

Avid Media Composer title tool cannot see all MAC fonts. Screen grab showing relevant folder structures

Avid Media Composer title tool cannot see all MAC fonts

Where is that Avid font At the time of writing this article, I am an Avid video editor using OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 and editing video with Avid Media Composer version 8.4.1 on a new MacPro. For some time (a few years) I’ve been frustrated that…

Filming and editing presentation videos. Producing highlight videos. Opening credit board

Producing highlight videos

Producing highlight videos for from presentations Happy Ltd commissioned my services as a London videographer to film a series of presentations talking about creating happy workplace environments. The one-day seminar was held at etc.venues London city location. Planning ahead In this instance, I was…

Written text invite of event

Video technology news event review

Raising industry product awareness Soho based technology supplier root6 held another of their well-regarded ‘Platform 1’ industry news and update events at the White Cube in Central London. Four separate one-hour engineering and technical sessions were arranged for the day: Efficient, File-Based Delivery – Working Remotely, For…

Uploading video from Avid to Instagram. The image of two large diamonds floating on a disc with a women's hand about to pick them up

Uploading video from Avid to Instagram

Video for social networks Many of the social networking sites have the option for users to upload video content to their site profile and allows users to share a personal video that has just filmed, for example with a mobile phone. It is also possible to…

How to edit a music video. Photograph showing the coloured keys of my Logic keyboard, tablet pen and roller mouse pro.

How to edit a music video

Editing music-based video Over the course of my professional editing career, I’ve enjoyed editing a wide range of music-based projects. These have included editing music-based videos for the BBC, complex insert roll music based editing for Top Of The Pops and many short films for broadcast on network…