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Motion control cameraman

Filming stage performances Recently, I was commissioned by the Darbar Festival 2019 to work as a motion control cameraman and become a member of their camera crew for their annual music festival. This took place over four days at the Barbican in London and brought…

Stock video yellow-flowers-in-Norfolk-wild-field-with-defocus-background

Announcing new stock video feature

Royalty free stock video During my freelance work as a cameraman, filmmaker and videographer I have been able to capture many stunning images. In order to share some of these best aspects of my work, I’ve now added a new royalty-free stock video portfolio section…

Skills-needed-for-filmmaking showing Julian with camera kit

Skills needed for filmmaking

Working as a Freelance Filmmaker What are the skills needed for filmmaking? The art and craft of working as a freelance filmmaker can be regarded as an essential modern-day craft skill. Every industry, business and professional now requires films and videos to help with their…

Video production promoting diversity showing RoxXan at UK Black Pride

London filmmaker promoting diversity

Promoting diversity in film and video production. As a freelance filmmaker reflecting and promoting diversity in my film and video commissions is something I always consider. By actively promoting diversity I strive to ensure all of our disparate society is represented in the projects I produce….

Behind the scenes videographer. A wide shot showing a studio video production in progress.

Behind the scenes videographer

On location video production Working as a freelance cameraman and editor my commissions include working as a behind the scenes videographer.  This enables me to provide engaging, fast-paced and short-form content of different durations that can be shared on all social media channels. ‘Behind-the-scenes’ video footage…

Fast video editing workflow. Full fibre connected video editing suite showing speed test dials in progress

Full fibre optic broadband connected video editing suite

Video edit suite with full fibre broadband The performance of my Central London video production has recently been further enhanced by the installation of an ultra-fast full fibre connected video editing suite. Fast transfer of data and video media Earlier this year, I decided to…

Filming interviews indoors. A image showing Historian Dr Jennian Geddes as she was being filmed

Filming interviews indoors

10 points to consider when filming interviews indoors Working as a filmmaker in London I do my best to support the productions of all my clients. When filming interviews indoors a filmmaker needs to consider all the following points when being asked to produce a…

DBS checked cameraman Julian Langham showing my DBS certificate

DBS checked cameraman and videographer

DBS checked cameraman ensuring safe working practices As a DBS checked cameraman, I am often commissioned to film video projects which may include working with or filming groups of vulnerable people. Previously these have included working and filming with young people, people with learning difficulties…