Videographer filming and editing kit update

Filming and editing as a videographer based in London I’m always investing in some new additional camera and post-production kit. These new purchases help me to ensure that I can continue to improve the production value of my videos and films.

Camera mounted on a slider films a row of red rose petals laid on a white light box
Filming rose petals for a music video production

Recent video production equipment purchases

Dedo LED light

My new Dedo DLED 4Bi 40 watt bicolour light head with dimmer kit includes a projector head and 85 mm projector lens with Gobos. I’ve also invested in a softbox for the Dedo light head. This LED adjustable spot hard light now compliments my LED soft panel lights. Its compact size allows me to fit it in my backpack when I’m moving to various locations.

Swedish Chameleon Cage

To help protect my camera on some shoots, I am now using the Swedish Chameleon Cage which fits securely around my camera body. It enables me to secure extra kit, like a small LCD monitor, external microphone and HDMI cable, when filming.

Cinevate Duzi 32’ Slider V3

To assist with my precision filming and to help to add production value to my films and video production, I have now added a Cinevate Duzi 32” slider to my kit. It’s been a joy to use and is enabling me to film the smoothest and most detailed of shots. I’ve also used the Duzi slider with my macro lenses with fascinating results.

Promise Pegasus R6 12TB RAID

I have now purchased a second Pegasus2R6 12TB drive array. Both of my Pegasus2R6 12TB drives are now backed up on separate 12TB G-Raid drives. This means I now also offer much-enhanced security for the delivery of all my video production and editing projects.

Protecting workflow with an Uninterruptible Power Supply

All of my drives units and edit systems are supplied with power via an APC Smart 1500 UPS (uninterruptible power supply). This ensures that, in the event of any power outage, my edit system and hard drive units remain fully powered.

Filming and editing

The installation of my complete set-up means that I’m totally confident that all my filming and editing work continues to improve. My workflow and all media assets are fully backed-up and protected. This has ensured all my projects have been delivered on time. Do get in touch if you would like my help as a videographer to support you with any video production projects, video editing or post-production workflow.

Julian Langham

Julian started his career in media in 1994; shortly after Julian was invited to join the BBC where he was quickly promoted to Editor. Julian left the BBC to develop his freelance career in 2009. Highly-practised and skilled in constructing engaging narratives, Julian’s key strength is his ability to produce strong visually-led stories. In his work, Julian shares his passion for creating powerful synergies between story content, visual rhythm and music.

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