Behind the scenes videographer

Working as a freelance cameraman and editor my commissions include working as a behind the scenes videographer.  This enables me to provide engaging, fast-paced and short-form content of different durations that can be shared on all social media channels. ‘Behind-the-scenes’ video footage is a great way of promoting any project or concept during the production stage. This can then be utilised on social media to advertise the upcoming production to reach a wider targeted audience.

Behind the scenes videographer showing a wide shot of a studio video production in progress.
Filming as a behind the scenes at Spectrecom studios Vauxhall

Behind the scenes cameraman

The Perform Media Group recently commissioned me to work for them as a ‘behind-the-scenes’ videographer. Perform were producing a series of videos as part of a promotional campaign for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Additional ‘behind-the-scenes’ filming was required on a two-studio production taking place at Spectrecom Studios in Vauxhall. These two studios had been hired for two-days – one day for rigging and one day for filming and de-rigging. The set in the main studio included a Mitsubishi Outlander 4×4 SUV hire vehicle placed in front of a large chroma key blue screen lit by a complex lighting rig. The campaign production featured three famous European ex-footballers with a supporting cast acting out different scripted scenarios. During the course of the day, I filmed a wide range of dynamic shots taken from many different angles while the main filming production was taking place. In addition, I also filmed a series of two-camera interviews with the ‘star’ footballers whilst a set change took place.

Behind the scenes editing

After the day’s filming, my ‘behind-the-scenes’ media files were prepared for editing on Avid Media Composer. Perform Media’s Director, Andrew Green, commissioned me to edit together a short promotional trailer of the interviews I had filmed with the footballers (I had previously edited for Director Andrew Green as an Avid promo editor at Red Bee Media and the BBC). In addition, subtitled translations in five languages were required to be added to each of the selected interviews. Each of the video interviews were to be subtitled in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. A total of 9 different interviews – each with five different language translations were required. In total 45 short videos needed to be delivered. These ‘behind-the-scenes’ videos were to assist Enterprise-Rent-A-Car in the promotion of their main annual ‘Backseat Pundit Competition’ video campaign via social media in UK & Europe.

Behind the scenes videographer

Very short films and videos can be produced for social media by utilising footage filmed ‘behind-the-scenes’ which may not normally be used in a final edit of any kind of film production or studio set. ‘Behind-the-scenes’ films and videos can also be created by using a roaming videographer at any events or ‘live’ performances. Making the most of any content filmed might also include editing together all the funny highlights which often occur ‘behind-the-scenes’. This footage can be made into very short cameos, a funny bloopers roll or an edited outtakes video.  More and more, these comedy elements are used to help to engage viewers via social media and direct them to the main event or campaign as required.

Behind the scenes deliverables

Delivering a range of videos, each with different technical standards specific to the destination, is always possible.  Editing a range of videos of varying durations suitable for a wide range of users and channels is also possible.

I always enjoy working as a behind the scenes videographer which includes filming and editing the best content possible and often captures many spontaneous and enjoyable shared moments. If you would like any help with your video production please get in touch.

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