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As a freelance filmmaker reflecting and promoting diversity in my film and video commissions is something I always consider. By actively promoting diversity I strive to ensure all of our disparate society is represented in the projects I produce.

Promoting diversity showing RoxXan at UK Black Pride
UK Black Pride 2018 showing RoxXxan on stage in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

Promoting diversity in film and video production

Some of my clients may not have given any thought to promoting diversity when commissioning their project. When suitable projects come along, I can introduce this aspect at the commissioning stage so that my clients and their viewers can also be involved in promoting diversity through their own participation. It is very rewarding when clients are open to new ideas and can help to feature society’s mix of different races, ethnicity, people of different socioeconomic statuses, abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities.

Inclusive filmmaker

Working as an open-minded gay filmmaker based in London, the promotion of diversity is very important to me. In addition to producing many commercial projects with these considerations in mind, I have also provided voluntary support to LGBT+ and other charities that support minority groups. One example of this is my latest project for the Albert Kennedy Trust. Another example of my educational video production was filmed at Tate Britain during their Queer and Now day supporting the concept of a Queer Museum. In my work, I attempt to raise awareness of issues relevant to the LGBT+ community and their supporters in particular. Some of my most popular films and videos support LGBT+ people and projects which demonstrate the benefits of inclusivity to the whole of society.

Safeguarding vulnerable people

In recent years, I have worked on projects which have included many groups of vulnerable people. These projects have included producing documentaries with offenders and ex-offenders for the prison art charity the Koestler Trust with whom I worked for over a five year period.

Helping to support people with physical and mental health issues I’ve produced a series of films for both the Mental Health Foundation and the charity Joy of Sound.

A Short Break at Watermans was filmed and edited to support young people with disabilities and their carers.

In my work with vulnerable people, it is important to me to ensure that they are included and feel considered, respected and creatively involved as much as possible. My portfolio of relevant creative projects showing the range of my work with vulnerable people and my history of valid criminal record checks are a testament to my understanding of the concerns around safeguarding. My wide range of previous projects also demonstrates my ability to get on with people of all ages and backgrounds and to gain their trust.

Ethical and moral values

One of the many reasons I’m so appreciative of my previous training at the BBC is that it gave me an understanding of the level of importance the BBC places on its editorial standards and its values around inclusion. Now, working freelance, I use those relevant editorial standards but also apply my own moral and ethical perspectives to my independent work. Aiming to always show consideration for this wider outlook is a positive creative force for my future film productions.

Promoting diversity

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