Artisan promotional video

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Promoting artists

This artisan promotional video that I filmed and edited features the craft skills of leather artist Edu Genta. Edu works under the brand name 3choamano and has his studio based in Salinas, Ibiza. I was commissioned to film and edit a 2-minute promotional film to help Edu promote his work. This film was specifically produced for sharing on the 3choamano Facebook page, social media channels and YouTube.

Filming day

I filmed this video outdoors one bright blue sky sunny day behind the Edu’s main studio and shop. We placed a large sun canopy over the whole filming area a softer light and to protect us during filming.  I used an additional light to light the actual filming area. For this ‘how to make’ video, we decided to film a tight shot on Edu’s hands as he worked with his tools and the leather.

Filming the making of this leather mobile phone case took several hours. As I recorded the pictures I recorded the sounds of Edu crafting the case.  I also captured the background natural and local environment sounds.

Editing the video

To start the edit, I laid down the best shots with their atmos tracks. I used a combination of speed ramps, mixes and straight cuts to edit down the sequence to time. Listening to the atmos sounds of the birds and Edu working sounded perfect, so I decided to leave the edit free of any additional music.

Artisan promotional video

I enjoyed working with Edu to film and edit this beautiful video; it’s now been viewed online many thousands of times.  This is promoting Edu’s craftwork to a much wider audience. Edu is also now selling more of his handcrafted leather accessories and shoes. Check out the 3choamano Facebook page to see more of Edu’s work or visit his studio in Salinas, Ibiza.

If you would like my help as a BBC trained filmmaker to create your artisan promotional video, please do get in touch.