Theatrical multi-camera filming

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This is the trailer for one of three 2-hour musicals I was commissioned to film and edit for the London School of Musical Theatre (LSMT).  As part of the commission, I attended the pre-production meetings, visited the theatre ahead of the set build to assess the filming location, liaised with the creative teams and offered my technical and creative support and perspectives throughout the process. I filmed rehearsals and dress rehearsals to ascertain the best camera positions and camera settings and framing before filming the final performances. I filmed ‘Oregano’ on my own with 6 UHD cameras, 5 being locked off and positioned to capture different performance angles. I filmed with the sixth camera mounted on a tripod with a long lens for panning with the action and close-ups. The final edits were delivered on-time and to budget.

Please read my blog article multi-camera filming tips for helpful advice and perspective on multi-camera filming.

One of the other musicals in this series that I filmed and edited was ‘No One In The World’. Here is a link to view that trailer.