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Working as an awards videographer

PerformanceIN recently commissioned me to work as the awards videographer for their 2017 event. PerformanceIN is a Bristol-based Marketing Agency and this was their industry’s first-ever International Performance Marketing Awards. It was held at The Hilton Bankside in London, welcoming over 300 performance marketers to celebrate the industry’s growth and innovation globally. Prior to the event, the client sent me an outline brief which contained the evening’s schedule and features with additional useful information and their videography requirements. They also included a list of essential shots I was required to film and also the details of the interviewees who were to be recorded in advance of the award ceremony.

Awards filming

I arrived early at the venue to set up my filming kit and to check with their Audio Visual team that I would be able to record a feed of the evening’s sound onto my external audio recorder. A background, showing all the sponsors’ logos, had been set up for me as the best location for filming all the interviews. I set up my lights and sound equipment for the interviews and then filmed each interviewee as they became available prior to the beginning of the on-stage event. Then, during the course of the evening’s ceremony, I filmed with both my cameras – one mounted on a tripod and the other on a Manfrotto fig rig. The fig rig enabled me to move around very quickly, especially during the awards ceremony, as there was such a variety of features I was required to capture.

Awards video editing

Once I had completed the required filming, I returned to my base to copy the 4K media onto my RAID 5 hard drives and to also back it up so that I had a separate copy. I then transcoded it all overnight so that I could start the video editing the next day. My client had requested a 2-minute highlight edit to help promote their new event online. Firstly, I edited down all the interviews to form a sound bed for the film. When I had completed the body of the sound bed, I then painted the edit with the best of the shots from the evening and included some up-sound from those shots.

Client feedback

When I was satisfied with the first edit, I exported a version to my client for feedback. The client then supplied me with some additional name graphics, revised title graphics and a few amends. Once those had been edited in, the final version of the video was signed off by the client and then sent as a .mp4 file. With their permission, I also uploaded the Awards video to my Vimeo Channel.  As additional assistance to my client, I also edited a short 60-second version which they could use on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The final delivered film can be viewed here.

I really enjoyed working as the awards videographer for this event with the night’s victors championed within 23 categories. Filming the buzz of the many attendees as these awards were announced was great fun as was meeting so many friendly and excited people. If you would like any help with your video production please get in touch.