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Cause-related marketing case study

With my cause-related marketing, I give a voice to people with alternative perspectives. Working as an independent filmmaker part my ethos is to work on projects that both reflect and promote our diverse community.

Filming at Tate Britain

I recently spent a day filming at Tate Britain during their summer 2017 ‘Queer and Now’ festival. The event celebrated contemporary queer people and their voices. The event took place whilst the Tate’s very popular ‘Queer British Art 1861-1967’ exhibition was exhibiting in the main downstairs gallery.

Interviewing people with Queerseum

Tate Britain had asked a variety of LGBTQI+ groups to take part in the day with a range of cultural activities and events. One of the exhibitors attending was a group called Queerseum, a community group of activists, artists and volunteers. The Queerseum team is promoting the concept that London needs a Queer museum. During the day I filmed visitors talking with Damien Arness-Dalton, one of the Queerseum team. Some of the people we spoke to included: Valentino Chienmortx (intersex activist), Tony Fenwick (Schools Out committee member), Dr Peter Purton (Author and a former police officer at the TUC) and Sue Sanders (Professor and initiator of LGBT History Month).

Editing a film to promote a cause

After filming, I edited together some of the highlights from these interviews into a short film. The filmed conversations give a range of perspectives and help to explain why London does need a queer museum. The short film I produced promotes that cause. Everyone’s highly articulate answers helped me gain a wider understanding of the different reasons why a queer museum is essential for London and the United Kingdom. I hope I have encapsulated these responses in this short film.

Editing on subtitles

To help make the video more accessible, I edited on subtitles. As well as helping people with hearing impairments subtitles also help people whose first language is not English. They also enable people to understand the video in different viewing environments or with the sound turned down.

The Queerseum community group that is featured in this film can be contacted via the Queerseum website or their Facebook page.

If you have any questions or would like any help with your video production, please get in touch.