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Improvised performance

This dance video performance is an improvisation based on an original dance work called Primitive which was created and performed by choreographer Dane Jeremy Hurst. Primitive was inspired as a response to Dane witnessing an act of violence against a woman on the streets of London. Caught between fear and a primal urge to react, the dance piece examines the struggle of emotions raging inside the observer of such brutality. Dane’s production explores how stress, fear and anxiety unlocks the animal instinct.

Dance video filming

The dance performance was filmed on two cameras in Georg Meyer-Wiel’s South London studio. One camera was locked off on a wide shot and the second camera followed the action with tighter framing. To light the set I used two additional LED panel lights which added to the soft natural daylight from the studio clear glass ceiling. The set backdrop was dressed the previous day by Georg with the same costumes as worn by Dane in the performance. Georg was commissioned to create these dance costumes for London dance company Rambert.

Video editing

After filming, I edited the footage together using Avid Media Composer. Mixing between both camera shots gave me the look I wanted for this film and worked well with the backdrop. Reverb was added to the original recorded sound of Dane moving to add a sense of drama. The music was specially composed for the piece by my Brighton based artist sister.

After filming Dane’s performance, all the costume cloth was dyed with darker earthy colours (using the ‘flick’ technique) in preparation for their use by Rambert. A separate film called ‘costume painting’ was made showing how the costumes and cloth were painted during a separate performance by physical artist Jason Eddy. Georg painted Jason’s costume as he performed ariel movements on a set of gymnast rings.

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