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Flower market promotional video

Recently, I was booked as a florist videographer to film at the New Covent Garden Flower Market in London. The New Covent Garden Flower market had just been relocated. Its new location is now a large new modern site in Nine Elms, opposite the old Battersea power station. Their marketing team required a promotional video for their new, light and modern facilities. They also wished to promote the opportunity for potential new customers to book a free tour of their premises.

Filming commission

For this PR video, they had arranged to work in conjunction with London’s premier florist McQueens. McQueens Social Media Manager Duncan McCabe was to produce (and edit) the video along with the flower industry’s expert and blogger Rona Wheeldon. Duncan had asked me to assist him to film and record the sounds for a variety of interviews. As a florist videographer, I am available to help with other videography projects.

New Covent Garden Market

The New Covent Garden Market is a wholesale trade market serving London’s busy florists and businesses. There are a large number of traders and suppliers including florists with workshops at the Flower Market. Every morning, deliveries of flowers, plants and foliage come in from around the world. The aim of the promotional film was to explain their recent move and the great new facilities for business and public alike at the new location. The film was also to illustrate some of the site’s many new benefits online and across social media to a wider audience.

Florist videographer filming schedule

Over the course of three separate mornings, I worked with Duncan and Rona filming a series of pre-planned interviews. Together, we all worked with some of the lovely characters in the market. Rona had arranged a schedule of interviews with a selection of traders, suppliers and customers at the market. This gave us an opportunity to film them in front of their own flowers and produce. Once my two cameras had been positioned, each florist interviewee was fitted with a microphone. When Duncan and myself were satisfied with the angles of the two separate cameras, we were ready to record. Rona Wheeldon was given the role of the main presenter of the final promotional film. Rona is a respected and well-known figure in the Flower market and she kindly asked each interviewee the questions required to describe the various aspects of their trade at the Market.

Website and social media promotion

Once the film had been edited and signed off it was uploaded to the New Covent Garden website. The film has also been promoted on the market’s Facebook page.

I really enjoyed working with the team as a florist videographer. It was a very enjoyable few days early morning filming at the new market.

If you would like any help with the filming or editing of your video please get in touch.