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Producing an introduction video

This introduction video was commissioned by German-born artist and costume designer Georg Meyer-Wiel. Working as a freelance BBC trained videographer, I specialise in producing short-form promotional films and videos. In this case study, I give a brief overview of this website introduction video.

Filming the introduction video

Georg had amassed a large selection of archive video footage and still photographs from many of his previous projects and was looking for a promotional show-reel to help promote his skills online. After discussing this project with Georg, I thought a good way to bring all of the footage together was to film a fresh interview with Georg. This new interview could then be edited together with the range of existing media assets. As well as filming an interview with Georg I took the opportunity to film an amazing rotating butterfly skull that he had created. To make the most of my time at Georg’ London studio I also filmed some additional shots of his artworks currently in development.

Editing the video

Once filmed I edited down this 30-minute interview into the essential elements that summarise Georg’s amazing range of skills and talents. After the interview sync was tightly edited, I started painting the edits and audio with the best available video shots and stills to reflect the work being discussed. Georg supplied a selection of suitable music for the sound bed which was then edited in. I opened up the sync audio with some brief gaps to allow the sound mix to breathe a little. I edited some subtle moves onto some of the still images and video footage.

Signed-off edit

After some detail changes, the edit was signed-off by Georg. I then encoded a suitable .mp4 file of the final edit for upload to YouTube. This YouTube video was then embedded into Georg’s website. If you would like any help with your promotional video please do get in touch.