LGBT video production

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Reflecting our diverse community

Producing informative and educational LGBT video production is an essential part of my wide-ranging creative ethos. Working as a filmmaker, I always try my best to ensure diversity is reflected in as many of my videos as possible.

Helpline video production case study

One recent project that illustrates my diverse and inclusive content is a series of short YouTube videos I created for Switchboard LGBT+ helpline. Switchboard LGBT+ helpline is a phone, messaging and e-mail based helpline. It supports LGBT+ people as well as their friends, families and partners across the UK and from further afield.

Helping the community

I became involved in this project after coming across the book ‘Straight Jacket’  by Matthew Todd. After reading the book, I realised I wanted to make something to help the wider LGBT+ community. I talked about this and some initial ideas with a friend who was a long-serving volunteer for the Switchboard LGBT+ helpline. We discussed the possibility of making an LGBT video production for the charities website home page. Switchboard did not currently have any video content introducing their services. We both thought this could help Switchboard communicate with their service users and the wider LGBT+ community. An introduction video would also help to promote the helpline across the Internet.

LGBT video production

To start the video production process I wrote am initial proposal outlining my ideas for a home page video. This initial proposal included a possible treatment and additional content ideas. I then sent this to my contact who forwarded it to the Switchboard board of trustees. After the project had been given the green light, I liaised with the Switchboard team. Together we established a recording date and an agreed location. I also offered a series of suggestions to help with the video production.

Filming day

On the agreed date I filmed a series of question and answer conversations with Switchboard volunteers. I also filmed a series of shots with volunteers working the phone lines and computers at the Switchboard helpline office in London.

Video post-production

After all the filming had been completed, I started the video editing process. The first task was to edit down the volunteer conversations into their most concise form. I had recorded over 2.5 hours of conversations so editing these down took some time. I ended up with the best content that reflected Switchboard well with a series of LGBT+ diverse voices. With the audio bed complete I then edited over the shots filmed at the Switchboard helpline. I then sourced a suitable production music track, edited that into position and mixed the final audio levels. To complete the video I created an opening montage of animated live action shots to create an engaging opening sequence.  This was also edited onto the end of the film along with the Switchboard branded logos and credits.

Additional video editing requests

After delivering a 2-minute 40-second version Switchboard then asked for two additional shorter versions to be created. To help the video be more inclusive, some on-screen words were overlaid across the live action of each version. This series of final videos have now been uploaded to my Vimeo and YouTube channels. I hope that this LGBT video production will help people to access the Switchboard helpline and can support the LGBT+ community both nationally and around the world.

Other examples of LGBT+ video productions that I have delivered can be viewed in my portfolio.

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