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Location filming in Ibiza

To add some more beautiful images to my portfolio, I spent some weeks location filming in Ibiza. I was lucky to be able to stay in the peaceful Salinas National Park in Ibiza, waking up to watch many a sunrise at Es Cavallet and enjoy time on the beaches there.

Filming on the beach

During my time filming on the White Island, I took my camera to Playa de Es Cavallet and spent part of my day filming a selection of the views on the beach and around the Chiringay beach bar. I make sure I took my Genustech variable ND filter which screws onto the front of my lens. I love using this filter as it gives you fine exposure control on the end of the lens by gently rotating your filter or lens hood. Another great bit of kit for filming on the beach was the Martin Digital Camera Raincape. It’s made from a silver material so helps protect everything from the heat and sand. It’s nice and compact so fits in my Lowepro waterproof (and sand proof) rucksack easily.

Filming permissions

One of the main considerations in making this short promotional video was ensuring that I had obtained filming permissions from the people featured and from those nearby on the beach. I was sensitive to the fact that many people were on holiday relaxing so I did not want to be filming anyone without their consent and permission.

To help manage the filming on the beach, I set up my tripod (Miller carbon fibre) mounted camera position early in the day so that it could be clearly seen pointing out to sea with its silver weather cover. As people set up their beach base close to me, I introduced myself and asked if I could film them on the beach. As expected some people were happy to be filmed during the day, and some were not. Making this film was an interesting exercise in how to negotiate filming rights especially in a sensitive area like this designated nudist beach at Es Cavallet.

During the day I also filmed in the Chiringay beach bar and restaurant. The management, staff and the majority of the people I asked were very happy to be filmed there.

Editing the video

I edited the footage when I returned home to London. For a change, I gave myself a free hand to play with adding some post-production effects. To be honest, I find it quite difficult adding FX on top of all my nicely shot blue sky beach views!

Ibiza based DJ Chechu (featured in the film) kindly sent me his music track ‘Mr Che’ to use as the sound-bed. This short film has ended up being a great promotional music video for DJ Chechu, Es Cavallet beach and Chiringay beach bar and restaurant.

The film was edited on the latest MacPro running Avid Media Composer. I’ve used a selection of Avid FX and Boris FX BCC8 (Boris Continuum Complete).

If you would like any help with your location filming, video production, or if you would like to hire me as a creative video editor, please get in touch.