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Makeup video production by London videographer

Working as a London freelance videographer, I filmed and edited this makeup video production. With over 15 years of experience, I deliver high-quality videos to help promote business and their products. This makeup video production was produced to promote a new eyelash mascara formula by Santhilea.


Santhilea London commissioned me to produce this Magnetic Lash Mascara Promo to demonstrate it’s unique properties. The filming took place, across half a day, in a hired white space at Camberwell Studios in South London. Once everyone had arrived a make-up artist prepared Katie the model. Meanwhile, myself and second cameraman Louis Blair prepared the studio space and set up the lights and filming kit.

Once Kaite the model was ready we positioned her on set and spent some time adjusting the lighting and cameras for the best framing.

A script to accompany the video had been written in advance by my client. Working together we filmed a series of actions and images to support the script. To light the model we used using cool-running Kino lights. The aim of this shoot was to clearly show the build-up of the Magnetic Lash product on the lashes. The scripted voice-over was also recorded in the studio on the same day.


A guide to the look and style for the final deliverable had been supplied by the client. This involved adding text slates with instructions on to match the voiceover. I added a black and white colour effect on some of the shots. For this video, my client decided not to add a music bed. I was sent the product images to edit onto the front and end of the video.

Makeup video production

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