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Storytelling for NGO’s

I am a BBC trained filmmaker with over 15-years experience in broadcast video production. I produce, self-shoot and edit a wide range of engaging video content and stories. This NGO video production was filmed and edited whilst I was in Ibiza.

Filming to Greenpeace

Supporting a Greenpeace campaign against oil exploration off the Balearic Islands I produced this video. To start, I filmed an interview with Marina Bevacqua on the deck of the Rainbow Warrior. Marina is in charge of the Greenpeace renewables programme and was very happy to talk about their campaign. I also filmed a series of additional cutaway shots on and around the ship and to help the editing process.

Editing for social media

Once I had finished the filming I quickly returned to my base to edit all the footage. I started by editing Marina’s interview into a short and concise sequence. With the interview in good shape, I then edited in cutaway shots to paint over the vision edits. I also edited in some additional beautiful shots that I had filmed on the island to help illustrate the story including a sunrise. I then exported the edit as a suitably encoded digital file. A few hours after filming I then sent this file to Greenpeace so that they could share it as part of their ‘No to Oil’ campaign. My edited story was also uploaded to YouTube so that it could be shared with a wider audience.

Campaign update

This video helped raise awareness of the potential for oil exploration and seismic testing in the Balearic Island area. If you would like to find out more about the current state of oil exploration in the Balearic Islands please visit this website.

At the time of writing, I understand this campaign by Greenpeace appears to be successful in helping to ensure no further oil exploration is currently planned to take place around the islands. To find out more and to support the work of Greenpeace visit their website.

NGO video production

I really enjoy helping organisations, charities and individuals produce, film and edit their stories. As an independent filmmaker, I am experienced at working on my own or as part of a team that share common goals. I am always happy to offer free supportive creative and technical advice or guidance.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like any help with your NGO video production.