Product training video production

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Elvie Pump training video

This product training video production was produced to support the retail teams selling the new Elvie Pump. I was commissioned by the Head Trainer of Elvie Rhona McIntyre, to film and edit this video. In this case study, I give a brief outline of the product training video production process.

Non-disclosure agreement

Before the product launch, I was contacted with an outline brief and asked whether I would be interested in working on this new project for Elvie. On communicating my interest, I was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before any further details could be sent to me.

Video production quote

After I had submitted a signed NDA, I received a further brief including the product details and asked to estimate a quote for the filming and editing of the Pump training video. To support the brief, my client sent me an example of the style of training video they were looking for. Once an estimated budget had been agreed between us, a date and location for the filming were agreed. I communicated the importance of the colour and look of the set aesthetic to Rhona. She agreed to bring a selection of outfits so that we could decide which would best coordinate with the chosen location on the day of the filming.

Training video filming

Filming took place one afternoon at Elvie HQ in Central London. After sending me a series of photos of possible locations within their offices, a suitable room for filming was agreed upon. In preparation for filming, I blocked out the natural light from the windows so that the exposure would not be affected by the varying levels of daylight from the ever-changing weather. A Felloni LED panel with a softbox and a Dedo LED spotlight were used to light Rhona who was the presenter for this training video. We filmed a series of takes as Rhona memorised each paragraph of the company training script. I played back a series of these takes for Rhona to view until we both agreed and settled on the best versions. Rhona’s selection of outfit co-ordinated very well with the background set for the filming and made the overall effect aesthetically pleasing.

Video editing

After the filming was completed, I was then sent a link to a shared folder containing all the graphics, house font details and the music track to be used for the product training video production. I was also supplied with the final script and the Elvie style guide. Working to their specification for all the details provided, I edited the best takes together and added the graphics and textual elements as requested. Once everything had been edited together a completed version was sent for review. Elvie then requested several adjustments to this detailed product training video production and, once completed to their satisfaction, authorised the final sign-off.

Product training video production

I very much enjoyed working with Rhona filming and then editing this training video for Elvie supporting their very successful launch, both online and in major stores. If you would like any help with your video production or post-production please do get in touch.