Professional introduction video

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Production designer professional introduction video

This professional introduction video features Luis F. Carvalho a freelance theatre and production designer. In this example, Luis shows us a model box he made for a theatre production called ‘Turn of the Screw’. Luis explains why the model box was built in a particular way and how it will assist in the theatre’s pre-production stage. This video was filmed in Luis’s production studio in Hoxton, East London.

Introducing yourself to a wider audience

Luis’s introduction video has helped him to share his creative knowledge and passion. It is also an engaging and informative watch for a much wider audience. Since being uploaded to YouTube and embedded on Luis’s website, it has been viewed thousands of times. This video has helped Luis to share his experience and skills to an international audience of industry creatives.

Professional introduction video

A professional introduction video can be used to help anyone introduce themselves and their skills. Video can easily help to illustrate a unique combination of attributes, personality and experience. Sharing an introduction video via a website, networking site and social media can help access new clients, markets and opportunities.

Production, filming and editing

As a BBC trained filmmaker and videographer, I am highly skilled at producing, filming and editing short-form video content. I have many years of experience of delivering digital media for sharing on any channel or platform. Different length versions can always be edited from the filmed footage to suit maximum duration requirements on Instagram for example. I can offer my professional advice and guidance on what kind of content, script or style might work best for any type of video. I would be delighted to work with you to help you produce your introduction video. If you would like any help with your video production, please get in touch.