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It can frequently be the case that a client may wish to maximise the potential of any filmed footage and look for other ways to use their existing video assets. Working as a freelance reversioning video editor  I reversion existing content into new films and videos. In this case study, I offer an overview of the project that required a reversioning video editor.

Original commission

I was originally commissioned to make a film around Carnival in early 2014 on behalf of the Arts Council-funded Carnival Arts Advocacy project. The aim of the project was to help their four cultural leaders across the UK to further promote and develop the UK wide Carnival Arts sector.
The cultural leaders to be featured were:
UK Centre for Carnival Arts – based in Luton
The New Carnival Company – based on the Isle of Wight
St Paul’s Afrikan Caribbean Carnival – based in Bristol
Carnival Arts and Masquerade Foundation (CAMF) – based in London

Filming carnival

The four main Carnivals, featured in the film, were each allocated two separate days of filming. One day was scheduled for filming interviews and footage of preparations for their forthcoming Carnival – the other was scheduled for their actual Carnival day (Mardi Gras in the Isle of Wight). It was fortunate that the weather was good and dry for the first three Carnivals. This really helped me to capture the sunlit beauty of many of the Carnival costumes. However, the rainy day in Notting Hill did not detract from the Carnival atmosphere! The stories and images filmed from each Carnival were combined and edited together as required to deliver this film to the agreed brief. A combination of interviews and music tracks form the sound bed.

Reversioning films

After the delivery of the first film, I suggested some options for further post-production. Discussions then took place to see if it was possible to make an additional film.  I was then commissioned by one of the teams to edit a film that explains how Carnival Arts can be used within the education system. Once I was given the brief I was able to review the filmed rushes and edit them down to deliver this second film. With only the additional cost of extra editing, this second film was a cost-effective solution for the client enabling them to illustrate and communicate a vision to new potential funders and supporters.

This Carnival film will now be used by the UK Carnival sector to promote their creativity within the education sector. If you would like to know more about using Carnival to deliver learning and participation outcomes or about following or being involved with a professional Carnival qualification, please contact:

[email protected].

London based reversioning video editor

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