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My very first production role was this deliver this showreel video production for the BBC. In 2006 the BBC wanted to try and sell the three divisions of BBC Resources off. This showreel video production was commissioned to help promote that sale.

Along with the BBC Resources communications team, I produced and directed this high-quality showreel. It was filmed across five days at locations including BBC Elstree, BBC Television Center, White City Media Center and Wimbledon. I interviewed some of the key talents across the three BBC Resources divisions for inclusion in the film.

Showreel editing

After filming, I worked with the very talented post-production editor David Jackson to give the showreel a strong structure. David used the existing BBC Resources animating graphics and animated some additional complex elements into them. As the final film was intended for commercial purposes, all the footage and music had to be cleared and licensed for copyright and reproduction onto DVD. I selected a Tiesto track as the music bed, which gives the film a dynamic sound bed and a sense of progression. The showreel was included in the sale pack (on a DVD) for prospective buyers to view.

BBC Resources

2007 was an uncertain time for the BBC Resources staff as everyone became aware that we were to be sold off. The BBC eventually only managed to sell off the Outside Broadcast arm. The other two divisions subsequently suffered a large redundancy programme to reduce staffing levels.

I include a low-resolution version of the film on my website as it was the first commercial film that I produced and directed and is something that I am very proud of. Making this commercial showreel re-enforced my desire to continue to develop my producing, directing and filmmaking skills.

The film looks at the breadth of talent and expertise in BBC Resources, which in 2007 included BBC Post Production, BBC Outside Broadcast and BBC Studios. The film shows some of the amazingly talented people that I was lucky to work with and that (together as part of the BBC) made world-renowned award-winning programmes.

Showreel video production

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