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Top tips video case study

A top tips video is widely regarded as an effective way to communicate a series of ideas in an easily digestible, engaging and interesting way. As a freelance BBC trained videographer I produce, film and edit short-form video content. In this case study, I explain the process of creating a top tips video for the London based think tank charity NEF.

Video production

One of my clients NEF (New Economics Foundation) was looking to see how effective this video concept could be for them in communicating different ways of challenging the governments spending cuts.

The NEF team sent me a brief for the project and we discussed this on the phone ahead of the filming day.  NEF had organised an event at The Foundry conference centre in Vauxhall. On the event day, I filmed a range of speeches and interviews with the contributors and additional footage to help the edit. After filming the day’s event I then edited together a selection of strong contributor sound bites that met the NEF brief. After editing together the best of the sync I then created a selection of different graphical styles of how the video could look and sent all of these to NEF.

Delivering to the house style

After consulting with their in-house team NEF then fed back to me how they wanted the final video to look. Their feedback also ensured that the final video style remained within their overall house style look. Using the NEF house colours and a combination of Avid effects, including circle wipes and video freeze frames I created a template for the “Five ways to challenge the spending cuts video”. After delivering the final edit, NEF fed back to me a few requests for additional changes. The additional amends included adjusting the text elements, changing the music and slightly adjusting the graphical transitions.

The final edit was delivered as a .mp4 file suitable for uploading to the NEF YouTube channel. If you would like any help with your video production please get in touch.