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Training film for British Airways

This training film video production for British Airways which was shot on-location at their headquarters near Heathrow. The aim of the video was to help illustrate an ideal scenario for the British Airways sales team training sessions. It highlights the key points that the sale team need to cover when meeting a new client.


Once I had been commissioned to deliver this training film video production I spoke with my client and advised them about the ideal location to film the video. Working as the producer I also discussed the script, lighting, room aesthetics, the sound environment and what the contributor would be wearing to help ensure as high a quality product as possible.


This British Airways training video production was filmed over one day and then edited in the following days to enable a fast turnaround delivery. The film features two of the British Airways sales team staff. I filmed the scripted sales interview a few times each take with different camera framing. Whilst filming I advised the team on the action continuity so that the different takes would edit together properly.


After filming and having returned to my edit suite I loaded the file-based media onto my computer hard and transcoded the files into Avid friendly DNxHD 120 media. After watching through the rushes I started editing the different takes together. After editing a version together which worked editorially and visually I then watched the film again to see how the film could be improved with additional cutaway shots and edited those shots in. I repeated this process a few times to make sure the film was edited as good as it could be.

Training film video production

The film was signed off on the first viewing. I then exported a high-resolution master file for the client and uploaded a .mp4 version to YouTube. This training film was filmed on a Canon XF305 and edited on Avid Media Composer. If you would like any help with your video production please get in touch.