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Video artwork editing

Working as a video art editor, I enjoy creating unique films for artists and creatives. Using my extensive editing skills and knowledge I can also create new artworks by editing together any type of imagery, music or sound. My case study features the artworks of German-born artist Georg Meyer-Wiel.

Editing new artwork

This particular art film was created using a series of high-resolution still photographs taken by the artist of his artworks. The original paintings by Georg Meyer-Wiel were from a series entitled ‘Airbourne’. They are painted using acrylic on canvas and are of varying dimensions. Working with Georg on his brief I edited these beautiful still images to a music track. Georg selected the music for this film which was called ‘Hundreds of Ways’by White Canvas. The photographs were animated to both move with the rhythm of the music and to match with the flying nature of the paintings.

Video art editor

This art film is a powerful illustration of how photographing and then editing existing an artist’s paintings can produce new video artwork. This short promotional film has helped Georg share his artworks in an unusual and engaging way. Now uploaded to my Vimeo and YouTube channel this has also been embedded onto Georg’s website. The film has now been viewed and shared using social media to a much wider international audience.

For more information about the work of this artist, please visit Georg Meyer-Wiel’s website.

Freelance video editor

Working as a London based freelance video editor I have over 15 -years of professional editing experience. I have a passion for editing and work across many different genres, creative projects and short films. If you would like any help with your video production, please get in touch.