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Producing a video presentation

Creating a highlights video presentation is a great way to share your event online. Edited from existing media, they can transform a Powerpoint lecture into a video presenting the event highlights. Working as a BBC trained freelance video producer I self-shoot and edit high-quality films and short videos. In this case study, I explain the process of creating one popular video presentation commissioned by the NHS.

Systems leadership presentation

After producing a separate video from this NHS workshop and learning day event, I was subsequently asked to deliver this second video. It was required to specifically feature a PowerPoint presentation on the Systems Leadership workshop given by Myron Rogers. It was one of several training sessions which I had filmed during this NHS event at the Oval Conference Venue.

Editing with photographs and slides

The original presentation by Myron Rogers on Systems Leadership was over 15 minutes in duration. To make this edit work I requested a copy of the original PowerPoint presentation from Myron. I exported each of the slides as graphics and imported them into my Avid Media Composer editing application.

Editing the Powerpoint presentation speech

To ensure that the final video was as concise as possible, I edited down the available audio and video which I had filmed. Over time I was able to reduce the duration of the presentation, without losing any of the essential messages, to just under eight minutes. With the main body of the edit in good order, I then edited the PowerPoint slides into place. I painted in any remaining gaps with additional shots of the attendees I had filmed. After playing through the edit many times, I was able to fine-tune the final edit and reduce the duration.

Feedback for the edit

When I was satisfied with the edit, I exported this second video and uploaded it to Vimeo. I sent a private link to both Myron and my client for their feedback. After some minor changes, the video was signed off and uploaded to YouTube.

Event organised by the Health Innovation Network together with the NHS London Leadership Academy and NHS Kent, Surrey and Sussex Leadership Collaborative.

If you would like advice on how to create a film of your presentation, workshop or training day events, please get in touch with me. More examples of my work can be viewed in my portfolio.