Video production for artists

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Documenting the creative process

Video production for artists enables the documentation of the creative process. Resulting films and videos can then be shown in future exhibitions or shared online. Working as a self-shooting video producer I have enjoyed filming and editing different styles of video production for artists.

Studio set

The cloth that forms the studio set backdrop in the video and the cloth that Jason Eddy is wearing are all dance costumes made by costume designer and visual artist Georg Meyer-Wiel. They were commissioned by Rambert a London based touring contemporary dance company based at London’s Southbank. The costumes and formed part of Georg’s Primitive collection. These ‘costumes’ were both the set and Jason’s costume for this video production.

Filming the creative process

Georg devised a unique way to dye and colour the costumes which involved hanging the costumes as a background set for a dance performance. As well as dressing the set with the costumes two artists (Dane Jeremy Hurst and Jason Eddy) each wore one of the costumes to perform in. Actor and artist Jason Eddy created his own performance piece hanging from a set of gymnast rings for the colouring of his dance costume and for the painting of the backdrop. The costumes were all dyed with a special mix of paint and applied using the ‘Flick’ technique by Georg.

Filming with two cameras

I filmed the performance using two video cameras. Once was a static camera locked off on a tripod and filming a wide-angle. With the second camera, I filmed closer shots allowing the movement to enter and leave the frame.

Editing promotional videos

The footage from both cameras was edited together into three different promotional films – one for each of the artists involved. As well as the painting of the costumes performed by Jason the filmed footage also includes a dance sequence performed by dancer and choreographer Dane Jeremy Hurst.

Video production for artists

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Jason Eddy wearing a costume as a skirt stands on a stool to test the gymnast rings
Jason Eddy and Georg Meyer-Wiel prepare to paint the costumes