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Website video production case study

Skilled across all aspect of website video production I create beautifully crafted films and videos. With over 15 years of broadcast experience, I started to produce, film and edit online content when I left the BBC in 2009.

Osteopath video

Recently, I was commissioned to create a series of stylish videos for Natural Moves a website for West London Osteopath, Idris Moudi. Idris was updating his website and wanted to include a series of new videos to help to promote his wide range of skills.

Video production site visit

The planning for the production began with a visit to Idris’ new West London studio where the filming was to take place. His studio is a beautiful large, light space which was perfect for filming. During this meeting, I was able to suggest some possible options and together we devised a website video production plan.

In addition to a series of short, instructional videos featuring the different healing practices that he offers, Idris required a music-based video for his website’s home page and also a video to feature an interview with him. To set the production in motion, we agreed on the dates for filming each element of the production schedule.

The main video was to feature Idris, using his specialist Pilates and stretching apparatus, as well as three other people while they were being treated on the machines. We discussed the overall presentation of the video further and also what clothing styles and colours would present well within the professional setting of the studio. 

Controlling the studio light

To make sure that I could control the amount and type of light coming into the studio, I ordered a large roll of frost gel to cover all the glass in the windows to create a consistent flat white light inside the studio for the filming days. I also booked some extra LED panel lighting to give me some more flexibility with the lighting when filming in the studio. I decided that a soft, light look would work well for the appearance of the final videos and would also suit the filming location. Meanwhile, Idris booked the models and sorted out the costume options.

Interview filming

On the day before filming, I took all my kit, together with the extra lights, to Idris’ studio by taxi. We had agreed that the filming of his interview would take place at his home in West London. So, once I had dropped off my gear at his studio, we both took a taxi to his home to record his interview with my basic filming kit.

After filming the interview, we returned to his studio and began preparations for the shoot. The first task at this stage was to cover all the window glass with frost 220. Then, to create a clean, minimalist look for filming in the studio, we removed some unwanted items to a separate treatment room.

Studio filming day

The next day, we made an early start. Firstly, I filmed Idris using his wide range of treatment machines. For this shoot, I was filming on my Lumix GH4 along with my Samyang prime lenses. The main challenge during the morning’s filming was trying to manage the many reflections. The studio walls are covered in original artworks, and so I had to take care with the camera and light positions to ensure that reflected lights were not visible in the artwork frames. Another challenge was that one of the walls was covered in a large mirror, so I had to avoid any light reflections in that as well. The rest of the filming, featuring the three models having various treatments, all went smoothly, and by late afternoon I had captured all of the required footage.

Post-production and video editing

To ensure the best quality visuals, I had recorded all the footage in UHD. The first part of my editing process was to AMA link all the .mov files and then transcode all the footage into Avid DNx media. The method I use is to create a UHD project and transcode it at UHD resolution. I then create a separate 1920×1080 HD Avid project and copy the transcoded and edited together sequences into it. This process then allows me to use Avid Frame Flex to resize and add frame motion if required.

Editing the videos and interview

I edited the best parts of Idris’ interview audio into a coherent and informative piece and then painted over the edits with cutaways of Idris using his treatment machines. For the home page music-based video, I selected the best of the treatment shots. All of the edited videos were uploaded to Vimeo and sent to Idris (via private links) so that he could feedback any changes he might like.

Website video production

As a London based freelance videographer, I very much enjoy working with clients to help manage the whole video production process. Please get in touch if you would like any help or advice with your future website video production. More examples of my work can be viewed in my portfolio.