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Producing website videos

Promotional website videos can be uploaded to your Youtube channel and then easily embedded into your website. Working as a freelance filmmaker, I efficiently produce, film and edit a wide range of educational and promotional films and videos. In this case study, I briefly explain the process behind one example.

Promotional videos

3choamano Makes a Handmade Leather Bracelet is a promotional video that I filmed during my 2013 visit to Ibiza. The film shows the stages involved in the crafting of a beautiful handmade leather bracelet. It was filmed in early summer using a 12-35mm lens. Each handmade 3choamano bracelet takes several hours to create. For this short video, I filmed two bracelets being made. I filmed the first one being crafted using a wide-angled shot and then the second one as it was made on a locked-off close-up shot. I filmed some additional extra shots for the detail work like sewing and adding the fixings. My favourite shot is the polishing wheel at the end of the film.

Video editing

I brought the filmed footage back to London to edit on my Avid Media Composer. All the beautiful location sounds I recorded on the day brought back some lovely memories of the trip – especially the bird song with them all having fun just outside Edu’s studio. Also, you can just hear in the background some of the friendly visitors to the 3choamano shop next to Edu’s studio.

I used a mixture of the two main recordings to explain the bracelet crafting process. Cutting from wide shot to close-up shot in the edit and using locked-off jump cuts helped condense the film to a nice short length of 3′.30″. Not sure I would get many online viewers for the full-length 3-hour version!

If you are in Ibiza pay a visit to the 3choamano shop. I’m sure Edu would be happy to make you something special using his stunning range of quality leathers or you can get in touch via his 3choamano Facebook page.

If you would like any help with your video production please get in touch.

3choamano handmade leather sign hanging in the store
3choamano in-store sign Salinas Ibiza
3choamano handmade leather white and gold cross fashion bag
Gold and white leather cross design