YouTube video editing

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Working as a  YouTube video editor, I’m experienced in all kinds of YouTube video editing. In this case editing study, I explain how I turned the filming of a private fancy dress party into a music video. This music video ended up being a great present for the birthday boy and something to look back on in years to come.


It was considered a good opportunity to film a planned fancy dress party and make it into a fun pop video. The party was to have a sci-fi theme. To help create the right atmosphere some strong background visuals for the outside area were painted. This large painting was hung outside to that I could film in front of it. During the evening, a selection of shots, performances and chats were filmed with the party guests.

YouTube video editing

A suitable music track from Boisounds had been selected to edit the visuals too. To start the edit, I first copied all the camera files onto my RAID 5 hard drives and them backed them up for added security. I then played through all the visuals and made a long edit if all the best shots. Once I’ve watched all the footage through I end up with a good sense of how to bring the visuals together for any particular edit.

The film Intergalactic ended up being a fun music promo and popular YouTube video online as well as a superb souvenir from this special night at The Eagle. As well as editing the Intergalactic pop music promo I edited together a longer 50-minute film with all the filmed interviews and artistic performances from the evening. I burnt a Blu-ray disc for the birthday boy as a present.

For me, Intergalactic is a great demonstration of how you can make a strong pop promo and souvenir party video from the one fun night.

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