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Leather accessories handmade in Ibiza by 3choamano

Handmade Leather by 3choamano is a YouTube video that I produced, filmed and edited on my recent visit to Ibiza. Working as a YouTube videographer I enjoy working with artists to help promote their skills online.

The film shows a selection of the 3choamano handmade leather fashion accessories and shoe range which is for sale in Edu’s Salinas, Ibiza showroom.
3choamano makes a wide range of unique and individual handcrafted leather items and also makes all kinds of leather accessories to customers own designs.

Check out the 3choamano Facebook Page.

Filming in Ibiza

I filmed this in early summer 2013 on my then newly acquired GH3 with a 12-35mm Panasonic lens. Normally I would use it as a second camera but for this trip to Ibiza, I was determined to travel light so as well as just one camera I also took my Safari tripod instead of my larger carbon fibre Miller. It’s always a delight flying with British Airways on filming trips. At least you can check in two hold bags which meant I could take a LED panel light out with me as well without any paying for extra luggage costs.

Edu’s good friend Manolo Estevez had composed a music track called Volveras (come back) especially for this film. It turned out to be a funky techno number (I thought I might get something more Tango) so meant the editing of the film was going to be reasonably fast-paced. It was great to still have time for a welcome swim after the filming.

Editing in London

I brought the digital camera files back to London to edit on my Avid Media Composer and after editing uploaded a couple of different versions to Vimeo so that Edu and Jo could watch them in Ibiza and notify me of any changes and subsequent final approval. That’s a system that works well for sign off’s when filming away from my base and editing back home in London. Bringing the footage back to my London base also keeps travel costs down and the time spent on location to a minimum. Not that I mind editing in Ibiza. I’m definitely very happy to edit in Ibiza!

YouTube video production

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