Samyang prime lenses

Samyang prime lenses and a Metabones speed booster are the latest acquisitions to my filming kit. I frequently update my filming and editing kit so that I can continue to enhance the quality of my video production and post-production commissions.

Samyang prime lenses showing five lenses and their case
My five Samyang primes lenses and case

Videographer filming kit update

A recent purchase has been a Samsung VDSLR prime lens kit containing five Canon EF mount lenses. They come in a handy Peli type hard case. The Samyang MkII T-Stop lens kit includes the following sizes: 14mm T3.1, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5 and 85mm T1.5

Metabones Canon EF lens to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster

So that I could use the prime lens set with my Lumix GH4 and Micro Four Thirds camera mounts, I also brought a Metabones Canon EF lens to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster XL 0.64x. I’ve purchased the Samyang lenses with Canon EF mounts so that I will be able to use them on Canon cameras as well as different camera systems by using a separate adaptor.

As with any new kit, I spent some time testing out the new lenses and Speed Booster before a recently booked shoot so that I could explore how they interact with my current kit. I always find it helpful to do this before using anything new on a project. The Speed Booster comes with a tripod mount attached, which is useful as it helps to offset the extra weight of the prime lenses on the camera mount and helps balance. I bought the new lens set for two new projects that I had been commissioned to produce, direct, film and edit.

Latest filmmaking commissions

The first project that I captured using these new lenses was a series of short films for a London-based Osteopath’s YouTube channel and website. The shoot took place in his newly equipped London studio and was a perfect environment to test out the new lenses. After filming with these Samyang primes, I can already see a significant improvement in the quality of the captured 4K footage and the final 1920×1080 website films.

Next week, for the second project, I head out to Amsterdam to film a music video that I am both directing and editing. I’m very much looking forward to this new gig as it will give me another opportunity to explore the visible differences in these beautiful new lenses. If you would like my help as a cameraman on your project, please get in touch.

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