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When requesting a quote for video production and editing for your proposed project, there are 12 important questions you should first consider, as the answers will have a bearing on the pricing of any estimate you may be given.

Video editing production quote showing Julian kneeling adjusting the settings of his radio microphones
Setting up the radio microphones on a short film project. Photograph by Roulla Georgio

12 questions to help estimate a quote for video editing

Many factors can affect how quickly (or how lengthy) the whole production process can take for any particular programme, film, trailer or video. As a freelance filmmaker and video editor, I am usually required to respond quickly to clients’ requests for their new, upcoming projects. To work out as accurate a quote as possible, I then need to assess the equipment, resources and people hours required to take the initial enquiry through to the actual final delivery of the project.

To help me respond quickly to clients’ new enquiries, I have compiled a list of questions. Responses to these questions enable me to give as an accurate quote as possible for any client wishing to deliver their new film, project or video.

Video production questionnaire

When applying for a quotation for video production, please supply answers to as many of the following questions as possible:

  1. Please give a brief description of the film, project, or video you or your group are commissioning.
  2. Has a brief, script, storyboard, style guide or treatment been prepared in advance?
  3. Can you supply any examples you may have seen of how you would like your video to look or to be edited?
  4. Have you estimated the number of filming days or total filming hours which will be required?
  5. Describe the content you require to be filmed?
  6. Have the locations and dates been decided upon (i.e. geographical area, building/location/space), and can you advise where and when the filming is to occur?
  7. Have you decided how many cameras will be required and whether the filming is indoors or outdoors?
  8. Are you aware of any specific post-production processes that will be required in addition to the editing (e.g. additional voiceover, stylised grade, version translations, text descriptions)?
  9. What will be the sign off process for your project, and who will be responsible for the final sign off before transmission?
  10. What deliverables will be required – i.e. film/video duration, quantity and technical standard?
  11. In what format/s will you require the media to be delivered to you or your representative?
  12. Will, you (or your client) require any additional material, e.g. archive or back up from the project?

Can I help with your video production editing quote?

These are generally generic questions to help you get a quote for video production, and some or all of them may be relevant to your particular project. As a rough guide, the more information you have compiled and that you can share with me about your future requirements, the more accurate a quote I will be able to offer you for any video production, editing and post-production that you may require.

I edit on Avid Media Composer. Please get in touch if I can assist with your short film production or if you have any questions.

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