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Questions to a video production freelancer. Wide shot featuring a lit green screen background in front of which are two LCD monitors, an edit station, lights, camera and grip.

Questions to a video production freelancer

Questions to a video production freelancer is a blog article I have written to help and assist the many students who contact me seeking answers and advice. Answering students questions Initially, a couple of creative media production students, currently studying at Chichester College, contacted me. As…

Tripod mounted Lumix GH4 secured onto the top of my Tascam DR-60

Fast turnaround filming and editing for a press conference

Filming for Alton Towers London Press conference at The Science Museum One thing I love about working as a London based freelance filmmaker is that every day is different. For example, I recently received an e-mail from the theme park company Alton Towers asking me if I…

Talking as a guest speaker to students. Julian Langham sitting in the front seat of a transit van with Marko Waschke. Julian is holding a Lumix GH4 supported within a fig rig.

Talking as a guest speaker to students

My invitation to speak My friend, film studies lecturer Marko Waschke, recently asked me if I would be interested in talking as a guest speaker to some of his students. I was and he subsequently invited me to speak with his 2nd year BA (Hons)…

Documentary filmmaker shows black and white image of a man's face behind two prison bars

Funding support films and videos produced for charities

A short guide to help teams involved get the most from their film or video project commissions One of the great strengths of funding support films and videos is that they can be used to explain complex messages within a short space of time. Commissioning…

Avid timeline showing video clips edited together on one track and audio clips edited onto different tracks

Promotional trailer video editor

30 seconds to sell In order to produce great promotional trailers, post-production editors need to be able to make the most of the short time provided to capture and engage the audience whilst also communicating the programmes’ or projects’ ideas. When working at the BBC…

Video editor CV. Photograph of part of my CV text

Freelance video editor CV

Video editor CV Here is an online version of my video editor CV. As a freelancer, I am always editing new films and video projects. Please check out my list of video production and post-production credits. Do get in touch if you would like any…

Estimate a quote for video editing. Photograph of editing timeline showing different video and audio layers with effects

How to estimate a quote for video editing

10 things to think about when quoting for video editing and post-production Many factors can affect how long the post-production process can take for any particular programme, film, trailer or video. As a BBC trained freelance video editor, I am usually asked to respond quickly…

Protect your video media. Screen grab of the Carbon Clone application whilst in progress

How to protect your video media and project assets

An editors introduction to safeguarding every editing project you are working on from hard drive failure When I’m booked as a freelance video editor, I frequently arrive at the client site to find a hard drive that has all the required camera media files copied onto it….