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Remote video editing is a service I offer from my base in Vauxhall, Central London. I am frequently receiving requests by email to estimate a quote for promotional videos, short films and different kinds of video editing work.  Usually, this initial enquiry provides a brief outline of the client’s requirements.

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How to estimate a quote for remote video editing

In order to supply an accurate estimate for remote video editing, I need to be able to determine how much time it will take me to edit any various elements together into the desired and signed off deliverable(s).

So that I can learn more about any given video-editing project I normally e-mail the client back and ask a series of additional detailed questions. These questions might include some of the following:

Questions about the media

Please confirm that this project is just for editing and that no additional filming is required?

Will all the media to be supplied as digital files, not on any form of tape or disc?

How much media in duration and/or GB will be made available for the editing process?

How will you be sending the media to me?

If the media is from a camera shoot what camera filmed the video media and what file format did it record?

Editorial questions about the project and story

Is a detailed brief available for the edit and does it include relevant time codes of the clips to be used?

Will you be leaving all the editorial decisions to the video editor?

Is there a script, story or treatment or any other documentation to support this edit?

What sort of cut-rate do you envisage? Fast or slow editing or variable?

Questions about the sound editing

Are there any additional sound files and if so how many tracks and what is their duration and size?

Will any music to be included be supplied for the edit taking place or will this need to be sourced and suitably licenced?

Does the edit require any sound effects to be added? If so please supply further details.

Questions about the visual look and style

Will you require any animations or graphics to be created or commissioned for this edit?

Might you require any on-screen text titles and if so how many?

Do you require a specific font to be used for any of the text?

Do you have a style guide available?

Will any additional logos need to be edited in and if so how many?

Will have any specific requirement for the addition of any video effects? If so please supply further details.

Might there be any specific colour grading requirements? If so please supply further details.

The video editing sign off process

Will you require any changes to the delivered edits and if so how many?

What is the agreed sign off process? Who is responsible for this?

Sending a quote for video editing

By answering as many of these questions as possible I am generally able to provide a quote for any remote video editing.

As a BBC trained video editor with over 15 years’ experience I have the knowledge and experience to deliver complex editing projects on time and to budget. I edit with Avid Media ComposerIf you would like a quote for your video editing please do get in touch, as I am always happy to provide assistance and advice.

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