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Product videography filming a artificial marijuana plant

Working as a freelance videographer, my production base includes a studio space fully equipped with all the necessary camera and lighting kit for a wide range of filming commissions, including product videography, product filming, and product photography services.

Short product videos can be used across social media and your product sales web pages to grab the attention and help show off your product and explain its benefits and attributes to future buyers.

Product studio filming case study

A recent product videography shoot that I delivered was to create some visuals to help promote artificial marijuana plants ahead of the launch of their new sales. My client requested that the four different-sized plants be filmed against a black paper roll background.

During filming, each plant was lit with various lighting set-ups using a variety of multiple lights.

Filming both video and still photography

For this project, I delivered high-resolution stills, with RAW versions and additional video files of the plants rotating 360 degrees on my product turntable. The video footage and stills will be used across my client’s social media channels and their initial sales platform Etsy.


My lighting kit options for product videography consist of two large 1 x 1 LED flat panel lights with softboxes and grids and several smaller LED panel lights (some of which are bicolour), creating soft lighting conditions with no shadow if required.

Other lights in my kit consist of LED bicolour spotlights which can add shadow, backlighting or the spotlit look.

Coloured background options

My current collection of coloured backgrounds for product videography backgrounds includes white, black, grey, chroma key blue and chroma key green. If alternative coloured backgrounds are required, paper rolls in any colour can easily be obtained.  My kit also includes silver and gold bounce reflectors and diffusion to help create alternative visual effects.

Camera support

In terms of camera support to ensure stability during filming, my grip includes a range of different-sized tripods, one of which has a high-quality fluid head for very smooth panning and tilting. My large collection of stands and supports helps with any product’s correct positioning for any different angled shots.

Camera movement

My high-quality slider enables me to move the camera, product or lighting to create any desired effect. My kit includes a Syrp mini and product turntable, which allows me to create a totally smooth rotational movement for a small product or object under 4kg in weight. The Syrp turntable is controlled via an app on my iPhone and allows me to set the rotation angle and speed.

Cameras and lenses

For this project, I used my Lumix GH5S camera, which can film video up to 4K 4096 x 2160, UHD 3840 x 2160 or HD 1920×1080 at 10-bit with a 4:2:2 colour space. For still photography, my Lumix GH5 films up to 5184 x 2920 at 16:9 or 5184 x 3888 pixels at 4:3. I have a range of prime and zoom lenses with f-stops down to 0.95 for a very shallow depth of field.

My latest lens purchase is the M.Zuiko digital 60mm F2.8 Macro to help film more fine detailed shots. This high-quality lens is great for close-up work and allows me to explore macro videography and super-detailed shots further.

If you would like any help or advice with your product videography or photography, please get in touch.

Macro videography filming Freesia
Macro videography filming Freesia.


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